Condominium management carries a tremendous amount of responsibility, organization, and time investment. Are you questioning whether or not you are being managed effectively? Below are some important questions to consider that may help you find the answer to that question:

  • How much time do you spend on Condominium Association business per month?
  • Is your condominium management company responsive to your requests?
  • Are issues cleared up efficiently, or do they drag out without effective resolution?
  • Are the buildings and grounds being maintained to your standards?
  • Does your condominium management company accept responsibility for any errors they may make?
  • Is your management company proactive in matters that affect residents, such as rising utility costs?
  • Are your contracts cost-effective and comprehensive?
  • How often do you require legal advice?
  • How do your condo fees compare those of neighboring or similar associations?
  • Are monthly dues collected electronically, or are you still managing and having to keep up with loads of paper?
  • Does your condominium management company understand the resale market?

Ready for More Information?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it is likely that your current management company is not preforming to the same standards that our current clients enjoy. If you are already for your complementary consultation with one our AWESOME Association Managers contact us NOW for more information. Our Belgrade Property Management Association Managers are the absolute best in Middle Georgia.